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What is PCVA? >>
What does PCVA do? >>
Does PCVA provide direct service? >>
How can I become involved with PCVA? >>

What is PCVA?

The Philadelphia Coalition for Victim Advocacy (PCVA) is a membership consortium of organizations and individuals that provide advocacy and assistance to victims, co-victims and witnesses to crime.

What does PCVA do?

PCVA is dedicated to improving and promoting victim rights and the provision of a full range of high quality victim services in the City of Philadelphia. PCVA’s primary goals are as follows:

* To provide member agencies with a collective voice that is greater than the voice of any individual agency, program or individual member in addressing the rights and needs of crime victims.

* To provide opportunities for concerned citizens, programs and organizations to exchange information and ideas; support the sharing and utilization of materials and resources; and address emerging issues and policies related to victims of crime.

* To support initiatives that address the policies, the rights, the  needs, and the provision of services to  crime victims and witnesses of crime in the City of Philadelphia.

* To create opportunities for crime victims to feel heard and empowered as well as to support and recognize the contributions that crime victims and service providers make in the Philadelphia community.

* To increase public awareness of crime victim issues and the services available for victims, especially those offered by PCVA’s member agencies.

* To identify unserved or underserved victim populations and to address service gaps and system problems that affect crime victims.

Does PCVA provide direct services?

PCVA member agencies provide direct service to crime victims. The settings for member agencies range from Neighborhood Based Agencies to Schools to Criminal Justice environments. A variety of services are offered by PCVA member agencies such as: assistance in filing for Crime Victim Compensation, crisis response, education, counseling and criminal justice/legal advocacy. Please visit the Service Directory for more detailed information about the service offerings and our Member Agencies.

How can I become involved with PCVA?

Individuals or agencies that support the needs of victims in the Philadelphia area are invited to submit an application for membership. Member agencies pay an annual fee and are entitled to elect officers and vote in matters brought before the group. Those interested can download our PDF membership application and mail it to the designated address

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